Citizen H2D3 - Citizen-driven Individual/ Household Dietary Diversity Dynamics

Citizen-H2D3 is envisioned as a critical step towards generating real-time insights on diets for government agencies, NGOs, and the scientific community. Citizen-H2D3 will be an unprecedented platform for citizens to spontaneously report their diet diversity, quantity purchased and expenditure on food groups, driven by gamified micro-payments that minimises the costs of data acquisition and optimises data robustness. The system will be set-up to motivate volunteers to regularly submit data, with sufficient controls to allow for non-dominant participation. By collaborating with the newly created Rwandan national program on nutrition, and moving beyond utilisation of periodic surveys and recall diaries, Citizen-H2D3 will be responsive to users’ demands and provide a unique opportunity for data collection through alignment with regional priorities on digitalisation of food systems and demonstrate the potential use of digital tools in tracking (and eventually) addressing malnutrition.


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Creator Manners, Rhys
Creator Affiliation International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
Creator ID Type ORCID
Creator ID 0000-0003-0213-5462
Subject Vocab (AGROVOC/GACS/CAB) Diet,diet quality Food,Fruits,Vegetables,Fibres,Saturated Fats,Fats,Sugars,Legumes,Whole grain foods,Nuts,Meat,Dietary fibres,Vitamin A,Citrus,Cheese,Yoghurt,Coffee,Tea,Beverages
Subject(s) Diet quality,Food groups
Publisher International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
Contributor Person Julius Adewopo, Aniruddha Ghosh (ABC), Roseline Remans (ABC)
Contributor Role Supervisor
Contributor Project Lead Organisation Center International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
Contributor Project Lead Center International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
Contributor CRP Non-CRP
Contributor Partner Not applicable
Contributor Donor CGIAR Big Data Inspire Challenge
Contributor Project Citizen-H2D3 (Citizen-driven Individual/ Household Dietary Diversity Dynamics): Pilot in Rwanda
Project ID PJ-003344
Contributor Affiliation International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
Open-Access status Open Access
Production Date 2021-11-05
Embargo End Date 2023-12-08
Content Type Dataset
File Format csv
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Source Scaling RTB crop variety validation and diffusion using farmer citizen science in Ghana and Rwanda
Language English
Relation Not applicable
Agroecological Zone Subhumid cool tropics
Coverage Region Eastern Africa
Coverage country Rwanda
Coverage Admin Unit Not applicable
Coverage Y (Latitude) -1.96466
Coverage X (Longitude) 30.06444
Coverage Start Date 2021-08-09
Coverage End Date 2021-11-05
Contact Manners, Rhys; Postdoctoral Fellow, CIALCA Data Scientist, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
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Rights CC-BY 4.0